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Argyle Pink Jubilee

Argyle Pink Jubilee

The Argyle Pink Jubilee is a rough pink diamond and the largest rough pink diamond unearthed in Australia. It was found at the Rio Tinto Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia.[2][3]

Argyle Pink Jubilee
Weight8.01 carats (1.602 g)
Colorlight pink
Country of originAustralia
Mine of originArgyle diamond mine
DiscoveredAugust 2011[1]
Cut byRichard How Kim Kam
Original ownerRio Tinto Group
OwnerMuseum Victoria

Large stones like the Jubilee typically go to museums or end up at high-profile auction houses like Christie's. Christie's has only auctioned 18 polished pink diamonds larger than 10 carats in its 244-year history.[4] The Jubilee was expected to tour internationally before sold at an invitation-only tender.[4]

Originally weighing 12.76 carats (2.552 g), the light pink diamond started its cut in Perth in February 2012[3] by Richard How Kim Kam.[5] While being cut, the diamond was found to have "one major internal fault line that could not be overcome."[6] Only roughly formed and polished, and down to 8.01 carats (1.602 g), the diamond was donated to the Melbourne Museum.[7]

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