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Capricornus in Chinese astronomy

Capricornus in Chinese astronomy

According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Capricornus is located within the northern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ)

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 摩羯座 (mó jié zuò), meaning "the rub ram constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Capricornus area consists of :

Four SymbolsMansion (Chinese name)RomanizationTranslationAsterisms (Chinese name)RomanizationTranslationWestern star nameChinese star nameRomanizationTranslation
The Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武) Niú Ox Niú Ox
β1 Cap[1]
牛宿一Niúsùyī1st star
牛宿距星NiúsùjùxīngSeparated star
牛宿中央大星NiúsùdàzhōngyāngxīngBig center star
牛宿中大星NiúsùdàzhōngxīngBig center star
α2 Cap[1]牛宿二Niúsùèr2nd star
ξ2 Cap[1]牛宿三Niúsùsān3rd star
π Cap[1]牛宿四Niúsùsì4th star
ο Cap[1]牛宿五Niúsùwu5th star
ρ Cap[1]
牛宿六Niúsùliù6th star
牛宿南星NiúnánxīngSouthern star
牛宿下左星NiúsùxiàzuǒxīngLeft lower star
ξ1 Cap牛宿增四Niúsùzēngsì4th additional star
3 Cap牛宿增五Niúsùzēngwǔ5th additional star
α1 Cap牛宿增六Niúsùzēngliù6th additional star
ν Cap牛宿增七Niúsùzēngqī7th additional star
σ Cap牛宿增八Niúsùzēngbā8th additional star
4 Cap牛宿增九Niúsùzēngjiǔ9th additional star
HD 192310牛宿增十Niúsùzēngshí10th additional star
β2 Cap牛宿增十二Niúsùzēngshíèr12th additional star
HD 194960牛宿增十四Niúsùzēngshísì14th additional star
天田 Tiāntián Celestial Farmland
ω Cap[2]天田二Tiāntiánèr2nd star
24 Cap[3]天田三Tiāntiánsān3rd star
ψ Cap[2]天田四Tiāntiánsì4th star
羅堰 Luóyàn Network of Dykes
τ Cap[2]羅堰一Luóyànyī1st star
υ Cap[2]羅堰二Luóyànèr2nd star
17 Cap[2]羅堰三Luóyànsān3rd star
13 Cap羅堰增一Luóyànzēngyī1st additional star
Girl 十二國 Shíèrguó Twelve States[4]
φ Cap[5]Chǔ(One star of) Chu province
ι Cap[5]代一Dàiyī1st star of Dai province
38 Cap代二Dàièr2nd star of Dai province
37 Cap代增一Dàizēngyī1st additional star of Dai province
41 Cap代增二Dàizēngèr2nd additional of Dai province
35 Cap[3]Hán(One star of) Han province
36 Cap[3]Jìn(One star of) Jin province
χ Cap[5](One star of) Qi province
θ Cap[5]秦一Qínyī1st star of Qin province
30 Cap[3]秦二Qínèr2nd star of Qin province
33 Cap[3]Wèi(One star of) Wei province
ζ Cap[5]Yān(One star of) Yan province
19 Cap[3]Yuè(One star of) Yue province
26 Cap趙一Zhàoyī1st star of Zhao province
27 Cap趙二Zhàoèr2nd star of Zhao province
20 Cap[3]Zhèng(One star of) Zheng province
η Cap[5]周一Zhōuyī1st star of Zhou province
21 Cap周二Zhōuèr2nd star of Zhou province
Emptiness Crying
μ Cap[6]哭一Kūyī1st star
42 Cap哭增一Kūzēngyī1st additional star
44 Cap哭增二Kūzēngèr2nd additional star
45 Cap哭增三Kūzēngsān3rd additional star
天壘城 Tiānlěichéng Celestial Rampart
46 Cap天壘城二Tiānlěichéngèr2nd star
47 Cap天壘城三Tiānlěichéngsān3rd star
λ Cap[7]天壘城四Tiānlěichéngsì4th star
50 Cap天壘城五Tiānlěichéngwu5th star
29 Cap天壘城七Tiānlěichéngqī7th star
Shì Encampment 壘壁陣 Lěibìzhèn Line of Ramparts
κ Cap[8]壘壁陣一Lěibìzhènyī1st star
ε Cap[8]壘壁陣二Lěibìzhènèr2nd star
γ Cap[8]
壘壁陣三Lěibìzhènsān3rd star
哭星KūxīngStar of crying
δ Cap[8]
壘壁陣四Lěibìzhènsì4th star
壘壁陣西第四星Lěibìxīdìsìxīng4th star in west row
哭星KūxīngStar of crying
HD 205705壘壁陣增八Lěibìzhènzēngbā8th additional star

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