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Carol A. Nacy

Carol A. Nacy

Carol A. Nacy (born 1948) is a microbiologist and immunologist focused on the immune response of bacterial and parasitic disease.[1][2]

Education and academic career

Nacy did her undergraduate and PhD studies at Catholic University in Washington, DC receiving her degree in 1976.[3][4] She did her postdoc work at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in the Department of Rickettsial Diseases and then became a staff scientist at the same institute for 17 years.[5] Her research concerned the understanding and treatment of a number of infections including those caused by Francisella tularensis and Leishmania major.[2]

Industrial career

Nacy founded Sequella in 1997 and continues as CEO.[5] Sequella focuses on clinical stage antibiotic development, in particular against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB).[6]

Awards and honors

Nacy was the president of the American Society of Microbiology (1996-1997)[1] and the Society for Leukocyte Biology (1992).[7] She was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Science at Catholic University in 2002. Women in BIO[8] named her Entrepreneur of the Year (2004) and honored her with a Special Outstanding Achievement Award for Clinical Trials (2007). In December 2009 she was awarded the Humanitarian Award, Hope is a Vaccine, by the Global Alliance for Immunization against Aids (GAIA) for her work to create new drugs for TB.[4][9]

Personal life

Nacy is married to Monte S. Meltzer, M.D., has 5 children and 3 grandchildren.[4]


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