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Carol Anne

Carol Anne

Carol Anne or Carol-Anne is a blended name combining Carol and Anne that is a Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish feminine given name derived from the names Karl and Hannah.[1] Notable people referred to by this name include the following:

Given name

Known as Carol Anne or Carol-Anne

Known as Carol

  • Carol Anne Evans, known as Carol Evans, (1938 – 2007), Welsh cricketer
  • Carol Anne Gotbaum, known as Carol Gotbaum (1960s 2007), South African-born air traveler
  • Carol Anne Gotway Crawford, known as Carol A. Gotway Crawford, American mathematical statistician
  • Carol Anne Heimer, known as Carol Heimer (born 1951), American sociology professor
  • Carol Anne Hughes, known as Carol Hughes (author) (born 1961), British-born American novelist
  • Dame Carol Anne Kidu, known as Carol Kidu or Carol, Lady Kidu, DBE (born 1948), Australian-born Papua New Guinean politician
  • Carol Anne Martin, known as Carol Martin (born 1957), Australian politician
  • Carol Anne Morley, known as Carol Morley (born 1966), English film director, screenwriter and producer
  • Carol Anne Page, known as Carol Page (born 1948), British sport shooter
  • Carol Anne Philipps, known as Carol Philipps (1965 – 2009), Canadian journalist and activist
  • Carol Anne Franziska Antonia Pilars de Pilar, known as Carol Pilars de Pilar (born 1961), German artist
  • Carol Anne Tavris, known as Carol Tavris (born 1944), American social psychologist and feminist
  • Carol Anne Williams, known as Carol Williams (organist) (born 1962), British-born composer

Fictional character

  • Carol Anne Freeling, main character in the Poltergeist franchise

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