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Carol S. Batey

Carol S. Batey

Carol S. Batey (born September 11, 1955) is an American model, writer and lifestyle coach.

Carol S. Batey
BornSeptember 11, 1955
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
OccupationAuthor, Lifestyle Coach


Carol Batey was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 11, 1955. At the age of 49, she decided to change her life after 21 years of marriage. By the age of 54, she was a professional model contracted to a major modeling agency. Today, she is an author, lifestyle coach, owner of Carol's Vibration Cooking and Skin-Care Products. LMT, licensed esthetician, professional model, mother of six, reflexologist, professional speaker[1] and massage therapist.[2]


  • 2011: Writing with the Infinite Spirit[3]
  • 2011: Developing a Mystic Consciousness
  • 2011: Why Aren't You Writing: Unlocking Your Potential
  • 2010: What's Cooking in Your Soul, Indiana: AuthorHouse. ISBN 978-1-4520-7096-4.
  • 2009: Poise for the Runway of Your Life, Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse. ISBN 1-4490-3449-7.
  • 2007: In Due Season: Destiny is Calling Your Soul, Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse. ISBN 1-4343-0504-X.
  • 1996: Parents Are Lifesavers: A Handbook for Parent Involvement in Schools, Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press. ISBN 0-8039-6241-X


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