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Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro

Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro

The Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbian: Савет Министара Србије и Црне Горе, Savet Ministara Srbije i Crne Gore) was the federal executive governing body of Serbia and Montenegro.


Chairman of the Council: Svetozar Marović

Secretary general: Igor Jovičić

The Council was composed of 5 ministries. Ministers at the moment of dissolution were:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vuk Drašković (Preceded by: Goran Svilanović)
  • Minister of Defense - Zoran Stanković (Preceded by: Prvoslav Davinić (11 July 2004 - 21 October 2005), Boris Tadić (17 March 2003 – 11 July 2004))
  • Minister of International Economic Relations - Predrag Ivanović
  • Minister of Internal Economic Relations - Amir Nurković
  • Minister of Human and Minority Rights - Rasim Ljajić


The Council of Ministers duties were to:

  • Chart and pursue the policy of Serbia and Montenegro in tune with the jointly agreed policy and interests of the member states.
  • Coordinate the work of the ministries, propose to the parliament the laws and other acts falling within the purview of the ministries.
  • Appoint and relieve of duty the heads of diplomatic-consular missions of Serbia and Montenegro and other officials in line with the law.
  • Pass by-laws, decisions and other general enactments for enforcement of the laws of Serbia and Montenegro and to perform other executive duties in accordance with the present constitutional charter.


  • Ministers of foreign affairs and defense served two-year terms.
  • Ministers of International Economic Relations, Internal Economic Relations and Human and Minority Rights served four-year terms.

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