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Council of the Nation

Council of the Nation

The Council of the Nation (Arabic: مجلس الأمة, romanized: Majlis al-Ummah) is the upper house of the Algerian Parliament. It is composed of 144 members, 2/3 of which are elected indirectly and 1/3 of which are appointed by the president of Algeria.[1]

Council of the Nation

  • مجلس الأمة
  • Conseil de la nation
Salah Goudjil, RND
since 10 April 2019
Vice president
Djamel Ould Abbes, FLN
since 28 February 2019
Seats174 members
Political groups
Government (147)
  •   FLN (54)
  •   RND (22)
  •   FM (7)
  •   Binaa (7)
  •   TAJ (7)
  •   Appointed Members (58)

Opposition (9)

  •   FFS (4)
  •   PVP (2)
  •   El Fadjr El Djadid (2)
  •   MSP (1)

Others (18)

Two-round indirect election (2/3)
Appointed by the president of Algeria (1/3)
Last election
5 February 2022
Meeting place
Palace of the Council of the Nation, Algiers

Abdelkader Bensalah was elected as President of the Council of the Nation on July 2, 2002, re-elected on January 11, 2007 and January 10, 2008. Zohra Drif was elected as Vice President of the Council of the Nation on September 10, 2002, re-elected on March 7, 2007 and March 8, 2008.

They were last elected on 5 February 2022.[2]


The Council has 144 members:

  • 96 indirectly elected in secret ballot (2/3)
  • 48 appointed by the President of the Republic (1/3)


There are 48 dual-member constituencies (two seats) corresponding to the number of wilayas (departments) of the country.

The election shall be by majority vote in two rounds by and from an electoral college composed of elected popular wilaya assemblies and communal people's assemblies (approx. 15,000 members).


  • be at least 40 years old.

The term of office is six years. The Chamber is renewed by half every three years.

Board member commits himself before his peers who can revoke his mandate by a majority of its members, if it commits a shameful action for his mission.



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