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DTEK (Ukrainian: ДТЕК) is the largest private investor in the energy industry in Ukraine.[1] The company's enterprises generate electricity at solar, wind and thermal power plants; extract coal and natural gas, trade energy products in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, distribute and supply electricity to consumers, and develop a grid of supercharger stations for e-vehicles.[2][3][4][5]

Native name
IndustryEnergy sector
Founded2005 (2005)
FounderRinat Akhmetov
Area served
Key people
Maksym Tymchenko (CEO)
OwnerRinat Akhmetov
Number of employees
ParentSCM Holdings

The main office of the company is located in Kyiv. The company is owned by SCM Holdings, a company of a Ukrainian businessman, Rinat Akhmetov.[6]



DTEK  was established in 2005.[7] The company includes Pavlohradvuhillia, Komsomolets Donbasu coal mine, Skhidenergo and Service-Invest.[8]

In 2006, PEM—Energovugillia, Pavlohradska and Kurakhivska CEPs joined in, and in 2007, Dobropilska, Oktiabrska and Mospinska Coal Processing Enterprise.[9]

In 2007, DTEK joined the UN Global Compact.[10] A program to modernize all Skhidenergo power units has been launched, and the rating agencies Moody's and Fitch have assigned international credit ratings to the company for the first time.[11][12]

In 2008, the Wind Power LLC company has been founded.[13] Later, it became part of the operating company DTEK RENEWABLES, which today manages all of DTEK's renewable energy assets.[14][15]

In 2009, the company exported electricity to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia for the first time after obtaining the right to access international power grids at an auction.[9]

In 2010, DTEK joined the European industry associations EURACOAL and EURELECTRIC.[9][16][17][18]


In 2011, the company became a member of CSR Europe. The same year, DTEK became the largest private shareholder in PJSC Kyivenergo.[19] The State Property Fund and DTEK also entered into lease and concession agreements for the state enterprises Dobropilliavuhillia, Rovenkyantratsyt and Sverdlovantratsyt.[20]  

In May 2011, DTEK Oil&Gas was established to develop projects in the oil and gas industry.[21]

In 2012, the implementation of the first five-year stage of DTEK's long-term development strategy was completed. In 2008–2012, over $2.5 billion was invested in production.[22] This year, the turbines of the first stage of the Botiyevska wind farm were launched.[23] The first acquisition of coal assets outside Ukraine took place — DTEK included the Obukhivska Mine Administration, Donskoy antratsyt and Sulinantratsyt (Russia).[24] In 2021, the information about the sale of assets to the Cyprus structure of Valleyton Investments Limited was made public.[25]

In 2013, DTEK began supplying gas from Europe and acquired a stake in Naftogazvydobuvannia.[26][27] The second issue of Eurobonds was placed at the amount of $750 million.

In 2014, DTEK RENEWABLESumed power supply for 1.4 million residents in 600 settlements that were de-energized as a result of the hostilities in eastern Ukraine. DTEK also completed the process of reforming the business management system. The management company DTEK and three operating companies were established: DTEK Energy, which provides asset management in coal mining, thermal power generation and electricity distribution, DTEK VDE — in alternative energy, and DTEK Oil&Gas— in natural gas production.[9] Then, the fourth operating company was established to provide comprehensive energy efficiency services — DTEK ESCO.[9] The Botievska wind farm reached its design capacity, became the largest in Ukraine and entered the five largest wind farms in Central and Eastern Europe.[28][29][30]

In 2015, Neftegazvydobuvannia put into operation the deepest gas well in Eastern Europe (6,750 m) and reached the highest rate for private gas production in Ukraine.

In 2016, Neftegazvydobuvannia produced 1.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas.[31]


In 2017, DTEK lost control over its enterprises located in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Among them: DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbassa, Mospinska WFP, DTEK PEM—Energovugillia, DTEK Skhidenergo (OP Zuevska TPP), DTEK Donetskoblenergo, Tehrempostavka, DTEK Sverdlovantratsyt, DTEK Rovenkyantratsyt, Elektronaladka, DTEK High Voltage Grids and DTEK Service.[32][33] In the same year, the first solar energy facility was commissioned — Tryfanivska SPP in the Kherson region.[34] DTEK Prydniprovska TPP switched power units 7–8 from anthracite coal grades to gas-fired ones.[35][36][37] DTEK Energy acquired LLC Corum Druzhkivska Machine-Building Plant, LLC ITC Mining Machines and 61.2% of the shares of PrJSC Svitlo Shakhtaria.[38][39]

In 2018, as part of the electricity market reform, the company completed the unbundling procedure, as a result of which distribution system operators were created on the basis of Kyivenergo, Dniprooblenergo and Donetskoblenergo — DTEK Kyiv electrical grid, DTEK Dnipro electrical grid and DTEK Donetsk electrical grid ". Independently of them, three supplier companies started working: Kiev Energy Services, Dnipro Energy Services, Donetsk Energy Services. The strategic management of the established OSRs, as well as DTEK High Voltage Grids and DTEK PEM—Energovugillia, is carried out by the operating holding DTEK Grids. To coordinate the work of supplier companies, an independent operating holding D.Solutions (LLC "D.Solutions") was created. The company D.Trading (LLC "D.Trading") was also created, which is responsible for the development of wholesale trade in energy resources on the territory of Ukraine and on external energy markets.[40] In addition, DTEK RENEWABLES signed a contract with General Electric for the construction of two phases of the Prymorska wind farm, began construction of the Nikopolska SPP in partnership with the Chinese company SMES and the construction of the Orel wind farm in partnership with the Danish company Vestas.[41][42][43]

Also in 2018, DTEK launched a grid of high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles STRUM,[44] which was renamed YASNO E-mobility in 2019.[45][46]

In 2019, DTEK RENEWABLES began construction of the Pokrovska SPP. The controlling stakes in Odesaoblenergo and Kyivoblenergo were also acquired.[47] In the same year, the company completed the construction of the Orlivska and Prymorska WPPs, Nikopolska and Pokrovska SPPs, and DTEK's portfolio of renewable energy projects reached 1 GW.[48][49][50]

On September 18, 2020, at the request of Sberbank of Russia, the District Court of Amsterdam imposed a $45.1 million restriction on DTEK Energy B.V on certain of the company's assets in the Netherlands.[51] Also in 2020, DTEK joined the new global Platform of the World Economic Forum to combat COVID-19. In addition, DTEK RENEWABLES received the Green Bond Pioneer Award from the Climate Bond Initiative for its debut green bond issue.[52]

In 2021, DTEK RENEWABLES starts construction of the first stage of the Tyligulska wind farm in cooperation with the Danish company Vestas.[53] Also in 2021, DTEK acquired 24.5% of Kirovogradoblenergo from VS Energy.[54]


In wind energy, DTEK Renewables is represented by the Botiyevska and Prymorska wind power plants and the Oryol wind farm with a capacity of 100 MW.

In 2017, a pilot project in solar energy was implemented — the construction of the Trifonivska SPP with a capacity of 10 MW; 2019 Nikopolska and Pokrovska solar power plants were commissioned with a total inverter capacity of 440 MW.

DTEK Energy provides a closed cycle for the production of electricity from coal. In coal mining, a full production cycle has been created: mining and enrichment of coal, service maintenance of mine equipment.

DTEK Oil & Gas is responsible for the oil and gas business in the structure of the DTEK energy holding. The main asset is Neftegazvydobuvannya, which produces gas and gas condensate in the Poltava region at the Semyrenkivska and Machukhska fields.

DTEK Grids develops a business for the distribution of electricity and operation of power grids in Kyiv, Dnipro, Donetsk and Odessa regions. Enterprises serve  as many 5.6 million customers.[55][56][57][58]

The company provides strategic management of the distribution system operators created as a result of unbundling — DTEK Kyiv Grids, DTEK Dnipro Grids and DTEK Donetsk Grids, as well as DTEK High—Voltage Grids and DTEK PEM—Energovuhillia.

D.Solutions is responsible for retail electricity supply, energy efficiency services and electric vehicle charging. The company manages electricity supplier companies created as a result of unbundling: Kiev Energy Services, Dnipro Energy Services, Donetsk Energy Services, uniting their activities under the YASNO brand. D.Solutions also develops a grid of fast charging stations, YASNO E-mobility (previously the project was called STRUM).

As of 2017, DTEK had an installed capacity of 17,710 MW and generated 37.14 TWh of electricity.[59]

Academy DTEK

Academy DTEK is an open educational business platform. The project is a partner of Ukrainian and international business schools and organizations, in particular, INSEAD, IE Business School, Thunderbird, HRCI, Kyiv—Mohyla Business School, FUIB, Kyivstar, VISA, etc.[60]

Energy transformation: decarbonization and European integration

DTEK 2030's new strategy

In the New Strategy for 2030, DTEK is committed to transforming its business into a more environmentally friendly, efficient and technological business, which is guided by ESG principles. DTEK's goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. DTEK has also integrated 12 UN Sustainable Development Goals into its ESG strategy. In 2020, DTEK invested UAH 3 billion in sustainable development.

Innovation and digital transformation

In 2018, the Innovation Directorate - DTEK Innovation was established, and in early 2019, DTEK launched a digital transformation program for the company called MODUS. One of the main projects of the Innovation Directorate in 2021 was the opening of the first in Ukraine industrial lithium-ion energy storage system (CHS) with a capacity of 1 MW and a capacity of 2.25 MWh.[61]

The laying of underground Wi-Fi communication at the Jubilee mine (MODUS project) at a depth of 510 meters has entered the Book of Records of Ukraine as the first and deepest underground communication infrastructure in the country.[62]

In early 2021, DTEK announced the creation of an investment hub for new Ukrainian energy in the United Kingdom.[63]

Corporate social responsibility projects

The following projects belong to corporate social compliance:

Community with their own hands — annual competition of projects for public organizations, bodies of self-organization of the population, associations of co-owners of flat buildings and initiative groups of activists aimed at solving local problems and transforming the public space of territorial communities. In 2021, the project "Community with their own hands" received the UN Global Compact Partnership for Sustainability Award 2020.[64]

Energy efficient schools. Restart — this project aims to promote the idea of rational use of energy resources, education of environmental values, involvement of students and their parents, employees of educational institutions and volunteers in environmental activities.[65]

"Come on, play!" — this is a joint project with Shakhtar Football Club, aimed at developing mass children's amateur football and promoting the ideas of inclusiveness and a healthy lifestyle.[66]

Birds of Ukraine — In 2021, DTEK Network launched the #Lelechenky  project, which became the largest environmental and educational project for the protection of birds in Ukraine. The company installed a record number of special protection platforms for stork nests in Ukraine - 122, in one month (September - October 2021), as a result about 600 storks were protected. Also within the project, 2 sculptures of the stork family were installed in Kyiv and Odessa. In addition, in 2021, DTEK Network's energy companies installed 2,372 bird protection devices on power lines (hoods and reflective markers).[67]


DTEK RENEWABLES is one of the largest investors in Ukraine's renewable energy sector. Since its inception, DTEK has invested $1.2 billion in the construction of wind farms and solar power plants.[68]

In 2014, the company built the 200 MW Botivska wind power plant, Ukraine's largest onshore wind power plant.[69]

In 2019, the company put into operation Pokrovska solar power station—the largest in Ukraine and the second largest in Europe.[70]

In 2020 the company invested UAH 3.2 billion in sustainable development.[71]

In 2021, DTEK Oil&Gas drilled the deepest production well in Europe (6,750 m).[72]


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