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Digital Telecom Internet Exchange

Digital Telecom Internet Exchange

Digital Telecom Internet Exchange ("DTEL-IX") is an Internet exchange point (IXP) situated in Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 2009 to help establish peering for Ukrainian and international operators. This IXP currently has 239 members,[1] with a maximum throughput of 2.2 Tbps.

Digital Telecom Internet Exchange
Full nameDigital Telecom Internet Exhchange
Location Ukraine, Kiev
Websitelink (in English)
Members239 As of February 2021
Peers239 As of February 2021
Peak2.2Tbps As of January 2021
Daily (avg.)2.2Tbps As of January 2021


  • Founded in 2009 and built its first POP in Newtelco Ukraine DC
  • Started operations in BeMobile DC in February 2017 providing physical and virtual cross-connection services inside own meet-me-room.
  • As of April 2017 DTEL-IX started to offer 100GE interfaces to its customers.
  • 2019. Joined MANRS initiative after implementing MANRS for IXPs requirements.
  • Started migration to own data-center in 2021

DTEL-IX Services

  • Public peering via route servers with both IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Private peering in public VLAN;
  • Private peering in private VLANs;
  • Colocation;
  • Multicast exchange
  • Physical Cross Connects in BeMobile DC

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