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Giorgio de' Buondelmonti

Giorgio de' Buondelmonti

Giorgio de' Buondelmonti (Greek: Γεώργιος Μπουοντελμόντι, fl. 1411–53) was briefly the ruler of Ioannina in 1411.

Giorgio de' Buondelmonti
Ruler of Ioannina
Reign6–26 February 1411
PredecessorEsau de' Buondelmonti
SuccessorCarlo I Tocco
Diedafter 1453
FatherEsau de' Buondelmonti
MotherJevdokija Balšić
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Giorgio was the son of Esau de' Buondelmonti by his third wife, Jevdokija Balšić. When his father died on February 6, 1411, his mother attempted to maintain control of Ioannina in the name of her infant son. Eudokia was not popular with the local nobility. When they learned that she was seeking to marry a Serbian nobleman, they promptly deposed her and her son just 20 days after his accession, on February 26, 1411, and surrendered their city to Carlo I Tocco. Giorgio survived until at least 1453, and his name appears in various Ragusan documents.


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