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Houtanjing Sky Bridge

Houtanjing Sky Bridge

The Houtanjing Sky Bridge (traditional Chinese: 猴探井天空之橋; simplified Chinese: 猴探井天空之桥; pinyin: Hóutànjǐng Tiānkōng Zhīqiáo) is a pedestrian suspension bridge in Shetou Township, Changhua County in Taiwan.

Houtanjing Sky Bridge

Coordinates23°54′27.6″N 120°37′55.1″E
LocaleShetou, Changhua County in Taiwan
Designsuspension bridge
Total length204 m
Clearance below150 m


The bridge spans over a length of 204 meters with 265 steps. The clearance below it to the bottom of the valley is 150 meters.[1]

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