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Houten Castellum railway station

Houten Castellum railway station

Houten Castellum is a railway station located in Houten, Netherlands, which opened at 8 January 2001 and it is located on the Utrecht–Boxtel railway . Originally it was the southernmost point of the Houten - Houten Castellum tram line. This temporary service closed at 14 December 2008. The services are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. During this time the service was operated by a tram from Hannover on loan to Nederlandse Spoorwegen, operated by HTM. After closure of the tram line due to construction of a new station and expanding of the railway to 4 tracks, the tram service was replaced by a bus service. The new station opened at 12 December 2010 and bus service ceased. All local trains call at Houten Castellum at the center platform along the inner tracks, while Intercity services and cargo trains use the outer tracks.

Houten Castellum
General information
Coordinates52°01′05″N 5°10′44″E
Line(s)Utrecht–Boxtel railway
Opened8 January 2001 (old), 12 December 2010 (new)
Closed2008 (old)
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
NS Sprinter 6000
toward Tiel
NS Sprinter 16000
Continues at/arrives at 's-Hertogenbosch as Sprinter 13600 to/from Breda
Houten Castellum
Location within Northeastern Randstad

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Utrecht - Geldermalsen - 's-Hertogenbosch Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour
The Hague - Woerden - Utrecht - Geldermalsen - Tiel Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour
Utrecht Centraal - Houten - Houten Castellum Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour (rush hours only). Runs non-stop from Utrecht to Houten, but local from Houten to Utrecht during morning rush hour and vice versa during afternoon rush hour.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
45 Houten - 't Goy - Schalkwijk - Houten CTS Monday-Saturday during daytime hours only.
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