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Houtman or De Houtman is a Dutch surname.[1] Translating as "(the) woodman", the origin of the name may be toponymic ("from the woods") or occupational (lumberman, carpenter, etc.).[2] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Cornelis de Houtman (1565–1599), Dutch explorer who discovered a new sea route from Europe to Indonesia
  • Frederick de Houtman (1571–1627), Dutch explorer who sailed along the Western coast of Australia to Batavia
  • Jan Houtman (1917–1944), Dutch resistance member murdered during World War II
  • Marques Houtman (born 1979), Cape Verdean American basketball point guard
  • Peter Houtman (born 1957), Dutch football striker
  • Rinus Houtman (born 1942), Dutch Reformed Political Party politician
  • Anne M. Houtman, American academic administrator

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