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Hov, Norway

Hov, Norway

Hov is a village and the administrative centre of Søndre Land municipality, in Innlandet County, Norway.


Hov is located in the traditional region of Land. The village has 2,021 inhabitants as of 1 January 2009. Hov is located on the east side of Randsfjorden where Highway 247 and Highway 34 meet. Closest town is Gjøvik ca 30 km (19 mi) to the northeast. Hov was on the Valdres Line (Valdresbanen). The railway connected to the Gjøvik Line at Eina with Fagernes in the district of Valdres. The railroad had passenger traffic from 1902 to 1988.

Hov church (Hov kirke) is a cruciform style church dating from 1781. It was built of wood and has 480 seats. The church was restored during 1871, 1931 and 1981.

Notable residents

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