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Ministry of Labor (Taiwan)

Ministry of Labor (Taiwan)

The Ministry of Labor (MOL; Chinese: 勞動部; pinyin: Láodòng Bù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô-tōng-pō͘) is a ministry of the Republic of China (Taiwan) representing opinions of employees, political and academic circles to review labor policies, laws and regulations, as well as related projects and programs in Taiwan. MOL is working with various international organizations and bilateral exchanges for elevating the welfare of labors in ROC,[1] such as the Labor Insurance program.[2]

Ministry of Labor
Láodòng Bù (Mandarin)
Lô-tōng-pō͘(Taiwanese Hokkien)
Lò-thung Phu (Hakka)
Ministry overview
Formed1 August 1987 (as Council of Labor Affairs)
17 February 2014 (as MOL)
JurisdictionRepublic of China (Taiwan)
HeadquartersZhongzheng District, Taipei
Ministers responsible
Parent MinistryExecutive Yuan


In 1947, before the implement of Constitution of the Republic of China, the Nationalist government planned to establish the Ministry of Labor under Executive Yuan. May 18, 1948, the Ministry of Social is founded by Executive Yuan, labor affairs was downgrade to a agency under Ministry of Social. March 21, 1949, the Ministry of Social was abolished, labor affairs was minister by Department of Interior Affairs, by the newly founded Division of Labor, Department of Interior Affairs.

The Ministry was independent established as the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA; Chinese: 勞工委員會; pinyin: Láogōng Wěiyuánhuì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô-kang Úi-ôan-hōe) on 1 August 1987. The council was upgraded to Ministry of Labor Affairs on 17 February 2014.[3]

July 1999, Taiwan Province government was downsized, the Council of Labor Affairs labor take over the original duties from Department of Labor Affairs, Taiwan Provincial Government, and established the Central Office, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan. January 1, 2013, Council of Labor take over youngsters employment duties from National Youth Commission (Youth Employment Training Center). 2014, Central Office, Council of Labor Affairs reorganized into Skill Evaluation Center of Work Force Agency, Ministry of Labor.

The Taiwanese government had planned to upgrade labor affairs to ministry level. In 1990, the government of Lee Teng-hui amended the Organizational Act of the Executive Yuan. February 2009, government of Ma Ying-jeou amended the Organizational Act of the Executive Yuan, and make sure the Council of Labor will be upgraded to Ministry of Labor Affairs, sending the amended act to the Legislative Yuan.

January 29, 2014, Legislative Yuan pass the third reading of Organization Act of the Ministry of Labor, The Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor Organization Act, Organic Act of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Organization Act for the Bureau of Labor Funds of the Ministry of Labor, Organization Law of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, Organic Act of Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor. February 17, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan is upgrade to "Ministry of Labor", still rent the part of the office spaces in Empire Garden Plaza for the Ministry's administrative units. The another agencies like Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Workforce Development Agency are located in the Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower.

Lease space to own office space

From the start of Ministry of Labor it is an independent government agency, it doesn't has its own office space and needs to rent space from third party. During the time of 2001 to March 2018, the Council of Labor Affairs rent the office space in Empire Garden Plaza on No. 83, Section 2, Yanping North Road, Datong District, Taipei City.[4]

June 2017, Ministry of Labor decided they will move to the "Building of Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taiwan Province" (the old headquarter of Taiwan Cooperative Bank, No. 77, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.).[5] May 14, 2018, the headquarter of Ministry of Labor officially moved into the 4 to 14 levels of the Building of Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taiwan Province and started office hours. But the Ministry of Labor still wanted to seek its own office spaces.[4][6]

June 1, 2020, the Ministry of Labor confirmed they got their own office space. Veterans Affairs Commission published a press release, it said that after the dismiss of their own company RSEA Engineering Corporation, the company's office space in the 9 to 13 floor of Chi Ching Building, Songjian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, will be sold to Ministry of Labor in 2021.[7] Ministry of Labor plan to move into Chi Ching Building 2023, and will no longer prepare budget for rent lease.[8]


  • Autonomy
  • Equality
  • Development

Organization structures

Administrative Units

  • Department of General Planning
  • Department of Employment Relations
  • Department of Labor Insurance
  • Department of Employment Welfare and Retirement
  • Department of Labor Standards and Equal Employment
  • Department of Legal Services

Staff Units

  • Department of General Affairs
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Civil Service Ethics
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Information Management


  • Bureau of Labor Insurance
  • Bureau of Labor Funds
  • Workforce Development Agency
    • Taipei-Keelung-Hualien-Kinmen-Matsu Regional Office
    • Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Office
    • Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Office
    • Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Office
    • Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Office
    • Skill Evaluation Center[9]
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health

List of ministers

Hsu Ming-chun, the incumbent Minister of Labor.

Political Party:   Kuomintang   Democratic Progressive Party   Non-partisan/ unknown

Name Term of Office Days Party Premier
Minister of the Council of Labor Affairs
1 Cheng Shuei-chih (鄭水枝) 1 August 1987February 1989 Kuomintang Yu Kuo-hua
2 Chao Shou-po (趙守博) February 19891994 Kuomintang Yu Kuo-hua
Lee Huan
Hau Pei-tsun
Lien Chan
3 Hsieh Shen-shan (謝深山) 1994May 1997 Kuomintang Lien Chan
4 Hsu Chieh-kuei (許介圭) May 1997February 1998 Lien Chan
Vincent Siew
5 Chan Huo-shen (詹火生) February 199819 May 2000 Vincent Siew
6 Chen Chu (陳菊) 20 May 200019 September 20051948 Democratic Progressive Party Tang Fei
Chang Chun-hsiung I
Yu Shyi-kun
Frank Hsieh
7 Lee Ying-yuan (李應元) 19 September 200520 May 2007608 Democratic Progressive Party Frank Hsieh
Su Tseng-chang I
8 Lu Tien-ling (盧天麟) 20 May 200719 May 2008365 Democratic Progressive Party Chang Chun-hsiung II
9 Wang Ju-hsuan (王如玄) 20 May 20082 October 20121596 Independent Liu Chao-shiuan
Wu Den-yih
Sean Chen
10 Pan Shih-wei (潘世偉) 2 October 201216 February 2014502 Kuomintang Sean Chen
Jiang Yi-huah
Minister of Labor (since 17 February 2014)
1 Pan Shih-wei (潘世偉) 17 February 201424 July 2014157 Kuomintang Jiang Yi-huah
Hao Feng-ming (郝鳳鳴) 24 July 201420 August 201427 Jiang Yi-huah
2 Chen Hsiung-wen (陳雄文) 20 August 201419 May 2016638 Jiang Yi-huah
Mao Chi-kuo
Chang San-cheng
3 Kuo Fang-yu (郭芳煜) 20 May 20167 February 2017263 Lin Chuan
4 Lin Mei-chu (林美珠) 8 February 201726 February 2018383 Lin Chuan
William Lai
5 Hsu Ming-chun (許銘春) 26 February 2018Incumbent1527 William Lai
Su Tseng-chang II


The MOL headquarters is accessible within walking distance from NTU Hospital metro station or Taipei Main Station of the Taipei Metro.

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