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Pamela L. Caughie

Pamela L. Caughie

Pamela L. Caughie is a professor and graduate program director in the English Department at Loyola University of Chicago.[1] She served as president of the Modernist Studies Association from 2009-2010.[2] Caughie received her PhD from the University of Virginia in 1987.[1] She is also a highly acclaimed Virginia Woolf scholar, and in 2010 was granted a National Endowment for the Humanities grant of $175,000 to continue her work on an electronic edition of Woolf's To the Lighthouse.[3][4] Through Loyola University of Chicago's digital humanities center Caughie has worked on a digital archive for Lili Elbe, a well-known figure in transgender history. The website was launched in July 2019.[5]

Teaching interests

Caughie's teaching interests include modern British and American literature, African-American literature and theory, modernism, postmodernism, feminist theory, women's studies and pedagogy.


  • Man Into Woman: A Comparative Scholarly Edition, Bloomsbury (February 2020). Co-edited with Sabine Meyer.
  • Passing and Pedagogy: The Dynamics of Responsibility, University of Illinois Press (June 29, 1999)
  • Virginia Woolf in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Routledge (December 1, 1999)

Recent publications

  • "Modernism, Gender and Passing", edited and introduced, in Gender in Modernism: New Geographies; Complex Intersections. General Ed., Bonnie Kime Scott. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2006.
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