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Pamela London

Pamela London

Pamela London (born 13 September 1973) is Guyanese former professional boxer who competed from 2003 to 2010. She challenged twice for the WIBF heavyweight title in 2004 and 2009.[3]

Pamela London
Born (1973-09-13) 13 September 1973
Boxing record[2]
Total fights12
Wins by KO1


On 29 August 2003, London made her professional debut, drawing (tying) in four rounds with Geraldine Cox, another promising Guyanese fighter who would later turn into a common opponent for London.

She faced Cox again on her second professional fight, losing a four round unanimous decision on her second fight, held on 1 November.

On 26 December London had her first win, defeating Shelly Gibson by a four round decision in Georgetown.

London began 2004 on 1 February by defeating Shondell Parks by an eight round unanimous decision, once again in Georgetown. After this win, London was ranked among the top ten contenders by the IWBF in the women's Heavyweight category.

On 16 April she beat Krystal Lessey by a unanimous decision, further enhancing her condition as a championship challenger.

Her third bout with Cox came on 21 May, and London earned a title shot by beating Cox, once again by decision.

Her first world title try came on 28 November when she met Martha Salazar for the IWBF's world Heavyweight title. Once again fighting in front of her home-crowd, London lost when she was knocked out in seven rounds by Salazar.

London lost by knockout to Natascha Ragosina in 2009 while contesting for the WIBF world heavyweight title.[1]

Professional boxing record

Professional record summary
0 fights 0 wins 0 losses
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
12 Loss 6–5–1 Gwendolyn O'Neil UD 6 6 Nov 2010 Princess Hotel and Casino, Providence, Guyana
11 Loss 6–4–1 Natalya Ragozina KO 8 (10) 19 Dec 2009 DIVS, Ekaterinburg, Russia For vacant WIBF, and WBF female heavyweight titles
10 Win 6–3–1 Veronica Blackman MD 8 5 Jul 2008 Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Georgetown, Guyana Won vacant WBC International female heavyweight title
9 Win 5–3–1 Kim Quashie TKO 7 (10) 23 Sep 2005 Jean Pierre Sports Complex, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
8 Loss 4–3–1 Gwendolyn O'Neil PTS 8 9 Jul 2005 Georgetown, Guyana
7 Loss 4–2–1 Martha Salazar TKO 9 (10) 28 Nov 2004 Splashmins Fun Park, Georgetown, Guyana For vacant WIBF heavyweight title
6 Win 4–1–1 Geraldine Cox UD 6 29 May 2004 National Park, Georgetown, Guyana
5 Win 3–1–1 Krystal Lessey PTS 6 16 Apr 2004 Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Georgetown, Guyana
4 Win 2–1–1 Shondell Parks UD 8 21 Feb 2004 Mackenzie Sports Club, Linden, Guyana
3 Win 1–1–1 Shelly Gibson PTS 4 26 Dec 2003 Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Georgetown, Guyana
2 Loss 0–1–1 Geraldine Cox UD 4 1 Nov 2003 Mackenzie Sports Club, Linden, Guyana
1 Draw 0–0–1 Geraldine Cox PTS 4 29 Aug 2003 Mackenzie Sports Club, Linden, Guyana


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