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Provisional Council of the Russian Republic

Provisional Council of the Russian Republic

Provisional Council of the Russian Republic (Russian: Временный совет Российской республики, (also known as Pre-parliament) was a legislative assembly of the Russian Republic. It convened at the Marinsky Palace on October 20, 1917, but was dissolved by the Bolsheviks on November, 7/8, 1917. It was headed by a presidium of five members with Nikolay Avksentiev (Social-Revolutionary) as president.

Provisional Council of the Russian Republic

Временный совет Российской республики  (Russian)
Legislative body in the Russian Republic
Preceded byState Duma
Succeeded byRussian Constituent Assembly
Seats313 members
555 members
Meeting place
Tauride Palace, Petrograd


On September 19 (October 2), 1917, the Democratic Conference adopted a resolution against the creation of a government in coalition with the cadets, and the majority of the Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks voted against the coalition. On September 20 (October 3), the Presidium of the Seating decided to delegate out the All-Russian Democratic Council, also the Provisional Council of the Russian Republic (Pre-Parliament), in proportion to the number of its groups and factions. He was called upon to become, before the Constituent Assembly, a representative to which the Provisional Government had report. The first meeting of the Pre-Parliament was held on September 23 (October 6).[1]


First, the total number of the members of the Pre-Parliament had to be 313 (15% of each faction and group of the Democratic Seating). However, the new Provisional Government, formed on September 25 (October 8), changed it composition; representatives of the so-called qualifying organizations and institutions (cadet parties, business associations, etc.) were also included in the Pre-Parliament. The number of the members increased to 555. According to incomplete data, it included 135 Social Revolutionaries, 92 Mensheviks, 30 Popular Socialists, 75 Kadets; the Bolsheviks received 58 mandates. According to the testimony of the leader of the cadets Pavel Milyukov, at the first meeting, “the members of the Council spoke to each other, looking around: it’s good if the Constituent Assembly would be no worse than this!” [2] “The Constitution of the Pre-Parliament,” the RSDLP leader of the Pre-Parliament Fyodor Dan later wrote, “due to the resistance of the government, was disfigured significantly in comparison with the first provisions issued by the Central Election Committee. Contrary to these provisions, the Council of the Republic formally received only the rights of an advisory body”.

Nikolai Avksentiev, right-wing Social Revolutionary, was elected as a chairman of the Pre-Parliament.



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